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Shinano Kenshi translates as “swordsmaster of goods”.

Our name doesn't just reflect our constant evolution, expansion, and diversification - it also speaks to our unbeatable customer service. We fight alongside our clients, beginning to end, believing in trust and partnership, not just transaction and process.

Our story

It all began way back in 1918, when our founder, Yukinori Kaneko, revolutionised the world of silk-spinning. But our passion for problem solving means we’ve sat at the frontline of innovation for 100 years, branching out into motors, industrial equipment and medical tech. Today, we’re pushing what’s possible with more partners, in more sectors, than ever before.

Our people

Our team understands that great value isn’t always measured in dollars and cents. All 250 of our expert engineers share a deep commitment to openness and honesty: a fierce determination to do our very best on behalf of our customers. Whatever the project, we’ll sit shoulder to shoulder when working on your solution.

Our global connections

As the North American arm of Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd, we have access to an unrivalled global network of offices and manufacturing centers across Asia, Europe and South America. That means we can take care of your entire product life cycle, from concept to logistics, with cost-effective and time-sensitive options.

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