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Your one‑stop manufacturing partner.

From idea to assembly, from component to complete solution: together we’ll get it done.

What we do

We precision engineer

A century of experience manufacturing top-quality electric motors with thousands of applications: automotive, medical, industrial and many more.

We push performance

Our proud culture of listening and learning means we’ll put our heads together from prototype to production: you’ll get a superior, custom solution.

We pioneer new ideas

With open innovation and strategic partnerships, we can work with you to explore cutting-edge tech in miniaturization, I.O.T, health, energy harvesting and thermo-technology.

What makes us unique

People and principles, not just product

With us, relationships come first. We’ve built our reputation on trust, openness and honesty, so whatever your challenge, expect a truly collaborative creative partner.

Japanese quality, American can-do

We make manufacturing a breeze. With a global, integrated infrastructure, you get the very best of Asia with all the convenience of a proactive, US-based team.

Way more than motors

We’re forging the future by working with the brightest tech companies on the planet. Our engineering goes further: robotics, healthcare, security... Motion is just the start.

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