President's Message

Great companies are built upon two things: principles and people. At Shinano Kenshi, we work tirelessly to promote and support both. They are, ultimately, why our customers come to us. Why they trust us. And why over the years they remain loyal to us and we to them. It is a culture we take great pride in and great care of every day. Our core principles reflect a deep commitment to passionate innovation, openness and honesty in all we do, and a fierce determination to do our very best on behalf of our customers. Embracing these principles sets us apart from our competition and makes us valuable partners to our clients.

Repeatedly, customers have told me they have seen and felt the unique culture and genuine substance of our company. There is great pride and satisfaction in hearing that despite all the focus on bottom line issues, our clients recognize that great value isn’t always measured in dollars and cents. For those who are considering Shinano Kenshi, we look forward to conveying the benefits of these priceless qualities as well as the many economic advantages we have to offer you.


Rex Bergsma

President & CEO
Shinano Kenshi Corporation